Master’s Message

Time is slowly unfolding from our very eyes, and unfolding another chapter of our lodge.  And we are already on the second month of the year as if we have just crazy for the holidays.  It is being the month of hearts, Brethren let us fill our self with love. Let us celebrate with our family, love ones and our fraternity.

Most are continuing to remind us the tenets of Freemasonry: Brotherly love, relief and truth.  We spread our love to mankind, and Relief:  we extend our hands to help and raise a fallen brother and we practice charity and Truth as the sign of morality to square our action through life. Let us continue to promote harmony being strength of all the society especially of ours. Understanding and tolerance makes us exist and learn to accept one another.  Responsibility and accountability of our action makes us person.  Together we are strong, harmonize we survive.

It being the month of February I take this opportunity to invite everybody to our Annual Ladies and Sweetheart Night on Feb 11 in the Lodge Dining Hall.

Again, I take this opportunity to congratulate our newly installed officers. Your dedication, commitment and support to our lodge is gratefully appreciate.

To our Jr PM WB Mike Reyes, we owe your perseverance, dedication and commitment while in East and keeping our lodge to the best of your ability and also to those who supported the lodge as whole during your Mastership.


Resti Corpus, PM