Message From The East
“How Good & How Pleasant it is for the Brethren to dwell together in Unity”


We had a good turn out on our first Midnight Mission last January 3 with the students and parents of St Joseph Worker. We will be doing it again on March 3 so mark your calendars. We had our first 3rd degree of the year and we raised Brother Shahen to the sublime degree of Master Mason last January 17, also we had our first Masonic Education for the year that was given by our own inspector Worshipful Casanova regarding officers duties.

We will be having a Masonic Education every last Wednesday of the month and we will be sending fliers regarding the topics. February is a month of Love and as men on Valentine’s Day we profess our love to our significant other. As a tradition we will be having our Annual Lady’s Appreciation night on February 17 and we will start at 4pm.
I am inviting everyone to attend this event and to bring your Ladies as for this event is dedicated for them and to show our appreciation. Let us support our Blue lodge activities

Brethren. Humility and Love are the Keys to UNITY.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Rock L. Sodusta
Worshipful Master