Message From The East
“How Good & How Pleasant it is for the Brethren to dwell together in Unity”


Brethren of Granada Hills Lodge No. 378,

Thank you for all who supported the 113 installation and to the officers installed for this 2019 ensuing year. My sincere gratitude to all and same goes to Sister Celia for her unconditional and unerring support to our installation as well as 2018 Granada Hills Lodge Christmas party. I hoped everybody enjoyed the celebrations and had a good time. As we embarked to 2019 masonic year. Let us
begin to focus where we are, what we need to do and execute them to achieve the common goal. Let us plan our work and work our plan. It is not easy but it is achievable if we put our mind and heart to it,” Focus”. Let us rewind the history and go back to these early
craftsmen combined incredible ingenuity, inspiration, guesswork, and brawn to create those magnificent monuments to man’s faith
in God. Freemasons today are still considered to be builders, however, but no longer of temporal structures using stone and mortar, but of moral and spiritual edifices, architects of men’s character. Our modern fraternity has selected tools and implements of architecture as symbols that help imprint on the memory of our votaries wise and serious truths that are taught by ceremonies found in our stately rituals. Those rituals, our heritage from the old Masonic craft guilds of the middle ages, are most venerated and contain
nothing repugnant to the laws of God or man. The teachings of our ritual uplift man, elevate his character, appeal to his intellect, and help him build that cathedral within his own heart, that inner spiritual temple of character, “THAT HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS, ETERNAL IN THE HEAVENS.” Let us heed the words of the poet, I. E. Dickenga, who wrote: “We are building every day, in a good or evil way; and the structure as it grows, will our inmost self-disclose. Till in every arch and line, all our faults and failings shine; it may grow a castle Grande, or a wreck upon the sand. Do you ask what building this, which can show both pain and bliss that
can be both dark and fair? Lo, its name is character. Build it well, what’re you do; build it straight and strong and true; build it clean and high and broad; build it for the eye of God.” I will see you all in the lodge.


George Sanchez, PM

Worshipful Master