Message From The West


August was supposed to be dark, but we were able to do 3 Fellowcraft Degreeson August 14, 2019. Our congratulations to the 3 newly passed brothers, Brothers Apollo, Arcenas and Bush.

We look forward to raising these worthy brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason. This September we have a very full schedule with several 3rd degree conferrals, a Luau party on Saturday September 14th and our open house on September 28th. Full participation is very much encouraged for all lodge function.

Speaking of which, the 2019 Annual Communications is around the corner. Let us make our arrangements so that we could take full advantage of our time with our brethren from the Northern California area. We would like invite, especially the new raised brothers to participate in the Annual Communication.

I am looking forward the month of September, as I will take a seat in the East, to preside on my very first stated meeting and for the lodge to qualify in the 3rd Degree on the weeks following. When we are qualified for the 3rd Degree, our lodge would be qualified for the ensuing year 2020, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees.

Let us have a good month of September.

On the level,


Benjamin I. Llamas

Senior Warden